BioJulia in a Docker image
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BioJulia Docker Image

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Most of the BioJulia ecosystem made available as a single ready-made Docker image. Built on top of my JuliaPro image.

Note: the version of the image refers to the latest version of BioSequences that will resolve in the Pkg environment.


The image is hosted on Docker Hub, Quay, and the GitHub Container Registry, and is compatible with Docker, Podman, and Singularity/Apptainer, and probably others.

docker pull millironx/biojulia:latest
podman pull
singularity pull docker://

The packages are installed in a depot in /usr/local/share/julia, so keep this in mind when overwriting the JULIA_DEPOT_PATH variable. For more information on the rationale for this and examples, see

Included Packages

Everything from my JuliaPro image, minus


Programming Libraries

Biological Types

File Formats


Compression Codecs and File Processing

Data Storage and Retrieval