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JuliaPro Docker Image

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Remember that clunky Atom-based Julia distribution that gave Julia LTS a UI and debugger similar to Matlab and already included all the packages you could possibly think to use? Remember JuliaPro?

This is JuilaPro in a Docker image1.


The image is hosted on Docker Hub, Quay, and the GitHub Container Registry, and is compatible with Docker, Podman, and Singularity/Apptainer, and probably others.

docker pull millironx/juliapro:latest
podman pull
singularity pull docker://

The packages are installed in a depot in /usr/local/share/julia, so keep this in mind when overwriting the JULIA_DEPOT_PATH variable. For more information on the rationale for this and examples, see

Included Packages

The following packages were included in JuliaPro as of April 26, 2020 according to the Wayback Machine. A checkmark indicates the package was included in this image, clear boxes indicate that it couldn't be included. I've included several other packages that I consider essential today at the bottom of the list.

General Programming

General Math



Building UIs and Visualization

Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Interoperability with Other Languages

All interoperability has been lost due to not including the other languages in this image.

File and Data Formats

Economics and Finance

My Own Additions

  1. This image doesn't include Juno, just the curated packages. ↩︎