A docker name generator in TypeScript.
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Docker Names

An implementation of docker-names in TypeScript. Forked from https://github.com/criblio/docker-names.


  1. Added more names of scientists related to
    • chemical engineering
    • animal breeding
    • rumen science
    • among others...
  2. Changed the delimiter to an underscore when adding extra data (date or number)
  3. Added an identifier that starts with a date (useful where identifiers have to be sorted chronologically).


Maybe this stuff will still work? 🤷 I just replaced everything with my name and code, but I personally transpile to JavaScript rather than use TypeScript directly.

Generate Name

import {generateName} from '@millironx/docker-names'

const dockerName = generateName();


//Outputs goofy-panini

Generate Name With Number

import {generateNameWithNumber} from '@millironx/docker-names'

const dockerName = generateNameWithNumber();


//Outputs goofy-panini_4

Generate Name With Date

import {generateNameWithDate} from '@millironx/docker-names'

const dockerName = generateNameWithDate();


//Outputs 20210720_goofy-panini


The words can also be imported from the package if need be.

import {left,right} from '@millironx/docker-names'


//Outputs [admiring,adoring, etc...]


//Outputs [albattani,allen, etc...]