Updated 8 months ago

Parse and process SAM and BAM formatted files

Updated 1 year ago

Calculates the appropriate bitrate and codec for exporting a video to be uploaded to a Vimeo basic account.

Updated 7 years ago

Holds the files for the SI website for University of Wyoming's Supplemental Instruction for MATH 2205 Calculus II in the fall of 2018

Updated 6 years ago

Activity coefficient calculator using the UNIFAC method

Updated 4 years ago

Highly parallelised multi-taxonomic profiling of shotgun metagenomic data

Updated 1 year ago

File manipulation/bioinformatics-type scripts that my colleagues have found useful in sequencing SARS-CoV2 (SC2).

Updated 3 years ago

A Sphinx plugin for converting Nextflow docstrings into documentation

Updated 2 years ago

Repository to host tool-specific module files for the Nextflow DSL2 community!

Updated 2 years ago

Config files used to define parameters specific to compute environments at different Institutions

Updated 2 years ago

My personal website

Updated 2 months ago

A docker name generator in TypeScript.

Updated 2 years ago

🐕 I accidentally built an HTML templating engine in Julia

Updated 2 years ago

BioJulia in a Docker image

Updated 2 weeks ago

🐄 cowsay for Julia!

Updated 4 months ago